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Manny, Levi, And Reo all have prominent backgrounds in music, having multiple outlets through multiple instruments, seek music out as a source of venting and stress relief. On countless times, in the worst of moments, they would all seek solace in the unyielding power of the instruments they play.


None of these men consider their music a job, but a passion to be shared: about what they have experienced, endured, and ultimately came out on top of. They have all shared the wanting to be apart of something that could change the world, as cliché as they all thought it sounded. The idea had been around for years, going back even into their childhood: to form a band, and to bring back the music of the old; the real music of a generation slowly fading away to EDM and "Dubstep", where lyrics had meaning, and weren't associated with an overbearing need for marijuana, "Blowin O's", or sex like in todays modern music.


The band was appropriately formed in 2014, and with only one thing in mind: to bring back and represent an undying urge... to rock.


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